Top Reasons to Rent a Surf House

March 14, 2022

Should you stay at a cool hotel or rent a surf house for your next surf vacation? 

Let's be honest, either sounds like a pretty great time. When you can walk out the door and within a few footsteps be on the beach, board in hand, you know you’ve made a solid choice.

And yet, there’s something unmistakably special about a surf house rental. It’s an experience relatively few get to have in their lives– the privilege of waking up and going to sleep in your own private surf house rental. 

At Beach Break Surf Camp in Playa Venao, Panama, you can have both. Our boutique beachfront hotel and surf camp offer the best location, incredible vibes, and comfortable and affordable accommodations. 

Our newest surf house rental Casa del Mar offers the unique ability to rent a surf house all of your own for a week, a month, or however long you may like. 

Here are our top reasons to rent a surf house for your next surf vacation.

Rent a surf house so you can….

Casa del Mar patio

Go surfing at a moment’s notice 

It’s one thing to take a surf trip somewhere with good waves. It’s another to rent a surf house mere footsteps away from the surf break.

The patio of this luxurious surf house rental overlooks one of the best surf breaks in Panama. You can relax to the sound of crashing waves, feel the ocean breeze, and keep an eye on the surf break so you know when the best waves come in. 

You may think you’re done surfing for the day, but as you sit after dinner on the patio of your private surf house rental, you just may decide to paddle out for one last-light surf sesh. 

Casa del Mar living room

Get more space and privacy

There’s nothing quite like having your own space. When you rent a surf house, you know you’ll be able to truly relax and unwind away from other people. 

That’s not to say other people have no place in your surf vacation– there’s always a time and place for fun and meaningful social connection! When you stay at Casa del Mar, you have the best of both worlds– a nearby beach, restaurants, and bars filled with travelers from around the world, and private surf house rental all to yourself.

Casa del Mar kitchen

Have access to a full kitchen 

Eating out can get old fast on vacation, whether you want a break from the high-cal foods, the restaurant prices, or just want to be in control of your own diet again.

When you rent a surf house like Casa del Mar, you have access to a beautifully crafted kitchen, complete with all the appliances and cookware you need to whip up your favorites.

Of course, when you’re ready to have someone else play chef, the incredible restaurants and diverse cuisine of Playa Venao, Panama are only a few footsteps away.

Casa del Mar bedroom

Bring your friends and fam

What’s a surf vacation without your loved ones? Less fun, that’s what! Traveling with groups of friends or family can get complicated, especially if you have kiddos in tow. It can be hard to find a spot with enough space for everyone, or that meets everyone’s needs. Who wants to hang out in a hotel room for half their vacation?

Enter: the surf house rental. Casa del Mar offers two bedrooms– one with a king bed and one with a queen– plus an oversized luxurious sofa with plenty of room for everyone to sit (or sleep!)

It’s more than having multiple bedrooms. It’s about your group having all that luxurious space to yourselves– whether you’re sharing a great meal, playing board games in the living room, or watching the waves roll in from the patio. 

Casa del Mar living space

Get some work done

These days, people don’t always have to choose between working and traveling. While it’s great to unplug and get away from work, it’s also convenient to be able to bring it with you. 

A surf house rental offers the peace and quiet you need to pop open your laptop and get some work done. No more competing with other guests for seating, a working outlet, or WIFI connection– or trying to concentrate as a dance party breaks out five feet away!

When you rent a surf house, you can better block out distractions and zone into your work. That means greater productivity, more efficient work sessions, and more time to surf! 

Casa del Mar terace

Choose your own vibes

When you rent a surf house, you are in control of the vibes. Not a fan of the latest music hits? Fill the room with your own playlist. Not looking to party all night? Start winding down whenever you’d like. Want to foster an environment of wellness and spirituality? Roll out the yoga mat and start burning that sage. 

Traveling often comes with the downside of not being in control of your own environment, schedule, or overall vibes. A great surf house rental puts you back in control, giving you the freedom to create your own ideal surf vacation. 

Beach Break Surf Camp outside space

Have the best surf vacation ever 

Simply put, when you rent a surf house you are setting yourself up for the best surf vacation. 

When you’re living in luxury, footsteps from the surf breaks, and in total control of your own environment– it’s hard not to enjoy every single moment of your surf vacation.

Make your surf vacation next-level. Get a surf house rental. 

Two surfers smiling at each other.

Rent a Surf House in Panama

Ready to book your surf house rental? Our brand new, fully equipped luxurious oceanfront apartment is ready for you, too.

Casa del Mar has been finished with attention to every detail. The serene, calming interior design blends perfectly with the sound of the crashing waves and ocean breeze you can enjoy from the patio overlooking one of the best waves for surfing in Panama.  

With no expenses spared, Casa del Mar comes with one bedroom with a queen bed, one bedroom with a king bed, beautifully crafted kitchen, oversized luxurious sofa leading to the perfect deck to sit and watch the sunset on yet another perfect day at Beach Break Surf Camp.

Reserve your surf house rental now.

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