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One thing that sets us apart at Beach Break Surf Camp is our love for a healthy active lifestyle.  With our beautiful, brand new Fitness Facility, we have created a perfect space to practice your art.  Whether it be BJJ, yoga, kick boxing, pilates, or functional fitness, our clean 80m2 of Fuji Mats makes for a great surface to train on.  

In addition to this we have a weight training area with kettlebells, dumbbells, barbells, and other equipment to keep your fitness routine while on vacation.  Here on a family surf vacation we offer daily Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes for both kids and adults as well as yoga, kickboxing, pilates, and group fitness.  

All of these classes are included in any of our Surf Camp Packages, classes can also be taken a la carte while here.

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The martial art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has had close ties with surfing since its inception in Brazil. Many of the world’s best surfers (think Joel Tudor, Kelly Slater, Freddy Patacchia, Gabriel Medina, and many more) are avid BJJ practitioners– and for good reason. BJJ and surfing are mutually beneficial. Training in BJJ makes your surfing better and surfing makes your BJJ better!

Both sports hone similar athletic qualities, such as balance, core strength, endurance, and reaction time. Both are also mentally beneficial for critical thinking and learning to relax under pressure (a good skill to have for wipe outs!)

It’s no wonder that there is such a timeless connection between surfing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. The Gracie family (most associated with developing and spreading BJJ) are avid surfers and watermen. When BJJ spread from Brazil and the beaches of Rio de Janeiro it first settled in locations like Hawaii and California for their proximity to the ocean, similar climate, and existing population of surfers who were quick to take up the sport.

We hope to see you down here both in the waves and on the mats.
All of our Surf Camp Packages include open BJJ training as well as all the rest of our fitness facility and surf yoga classes.

Are you a BJJ Academy owner or instructor that would like to host your own BJJ Surf Retreat? Contact us to start making it a reality.

Want to come train BJJ and surf?
Or are you interested in joining a Jiu Jitsu Surf Retreat?
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Yoga & Meditation

Surf and yoga retreats have become extremely popular over the past few years, and for good reason. The mind, body, and spirit alignment that a solid yoga practice brings is a perfect balance for the physically demanding surf sessions each day. Especially for those visiting for one of our Surf Camp Packages that only get to surf a handful of times per year. A good, restorative yoga routine becomes an essential part of your recovery for both your mind and body.  

Besides our amazing local yoga instructors that teach here we are also lucky enough to have an array of traveling instructors from all over the world, bringing their own unique style to your practice. We also offer specialized retreats throughout the year with many talented yogis. If you are interested in hosting your own surf yoga retreat in this ideal space, please contact us for more information.

Daily guided surf sessions, restorative yoga practices, delicious nourishing food...
is there anything else you could want for your next yoga surf retreat?

We are excited to share this space with you!
Check out our upcoming retreats or contact us to set up your own dates.

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Muay Thai | Functional Fitness | Lifting

In addition to the space that serves as our jiu jitsu, yoga, and muay thai kickboxing area, we also have a fully equipped weight room. It comes complete with squat/bench rack, rubber plates, barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, stationary bike, resistance bands, and more.  Everything you could want or need to keep up (or ramp up) your current fitness routine!

If you’d like to join a group class while here, all of our Surf Camp Packages include unlimited access to all
group fitness classes we offer throughout the week.

Ready to book?  
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Undecided or need a helping hand?
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