Host a Group Retreat in Panama

at Beach Break Surf Camp

Host a Group Retreat in Panama

at Beach Break Surf Camp

Are you looking for an exciting and unique way to bring your group together? Hosting a group retreat in Panama might be the ideal solution.

Beach Break Surf Camp in beautiful Playa Venao, Panama is the perfect destination for hosting a group retreat that will leave a lasting impression. Nestled on the picturesque shores of one of Panama’s best surfing beaches, our surf camp offers the perfect setting for your team to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of daily life and come together for a truly unforgettable experience.

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Why Host a Group Retreat at Beach Break Surf Camp?

Hosting a group retreat is a breeze at Beach Break Surf Camp. We do everything we can to simplify your retreat host duties while maximizing the retreat experience–for you and your attendees!

An areial view of the pool at the left side, and the beach on the right.

Hosting & Logistics Support

A lot goes into hosting a successful group retreat, from planning the structure and schedule to coordinating travel and keeping things running smoothly. Let our expert team handle the logistics for you, such as:

● Planning the trip dates, schedule, transportation, and activities  
● Marketing and promoting your retreat
● Creating a landing page to attract and generate leads
● Providing media content for promotion
● Managing all lead communication and questions
● Handling guest and retreat payments

These tasks can be incredibly time-intensive, and we’re happy to take the reins so you can focus on having fun and doing what you do best. Alternatively, you can rent out the hotel and manage your own marketing, payments, and other logistics.

An aerial view of Beach Break Surf Camp beachfront

Beachfront Accommodations

Enjoy chic and comfortable beachfront accommodations in Playa Venao, Panama, just footsteps from one of Panama’s best surf breaks. Whether you’re relaxing in your room, doing yoga on the beach, or watching the waves from the pool or our beachfront restaurant, you’ll be basking in those paradise feels at Beach Break.

A person stretching his right leg in an active yoga class

Activities and Amenities

Surfing is the star of the scene in Playa Venao, Panama, which is home to one of Panama’s most consistent surf breaks that is suitable for all skill levels. At Beach Break Surf Camp, we offer access to other amenities and activities such as a beachfront fitness center, jiu jitsu and martial arts training, yoga classes, and off-site adventures like zip-lining, whale watching, and waterfall hikes.

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Transparent, All-Inclusive Pricing

When you host a group retreat at Beach Break Surf Camp, you know exactly what you (and your guests!) are getting for the price. Our customizable all-inclusive group retreat packages are tailored to your specific needs and wants, allowing us to collaborate with you to create your perfect retreat experience.

What Kind of Group Retreats Do We Host at Beach Break?

Two martial art masters taking a photo in front of their group retreat class

We attract all kinds of group retreats at Beach Break Surf Camp. Some of our past group retreat hosts have included:

● Yoga
● Jiu Jitsu
● Martial Arts
● Meditation and Breathwork
● Dive Teams
● Medical Training
● Team Building
● Online communities

Group retreat hosts range from instructors and studio owners to group and community leaders. Typically, group retreat hosts have an existing group or audience they bring to their retreat. We also help group retreat hosts bring their retreat to a wider audience (when desired) by promoting it across our channels.

Host a Group Retreat in Panama at Beach Break Surf Camp

Hosting a group retreat is a rewarding experience. Hosting a group retreat with us in Panama is truly unforgettable, for hosts and attendees alike! We would love to help you plan and host a group retreat in Panama.

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