A Perfect Day: How to Create Your Ideal Daily Routine

April 10, 2023

Creating your ideal daily routine means taking charge of your time. If you're not sure what you really want to do with your days, or don't feel like there are enough free hours to create a new routine, we've got you. Start small and try creating your ideal daily routine by focusing on what you want more of, as opposed to what you don't want. Thanks to neuroplasticity, when we focus on something positive we really want, we can more easily kick old habits and create new ones!

Creating your Ideal Daily Routine in 5 Simple Steps

1. Take time to brainstorm all the things you love doing in your day! What do you do when you wake up wanting to do it in the morning?

2. Start with one new habit today, and do it before or after something you do each morning or night routine. By stacking new habits with existing ones our brains can help us to stay consistent.

For example: John, our founder drinks bulletproof coffee every morning. He wants to make a habit of checking the waves no matter what the report is saying. So, after he pours his coffee he heads to the ocean. He spends an hour at the ocean surfing, stretching or meditating.

A person facing towards the ocean while standin in Beach Break Surf Camp

3. Stick with a couple of habits that make you feel really good for a couple of weeks. Be realistic about what you can make work, if something isn't working change it up.

4. Don't get discouraged if you miss a day, or your routine gets derailed a few times. Jump back on the bandwagon if you fall off.

5. When your daily routine feels like a grind, it's time to go back to the drawing board.

Be intentional and honest when creating your ideal daily routine

A perfect day is just a collection of perfect moments. The tricky thing is, humans are so different, and each one of us has a perception of perfection that is ever changing. This is why it is so important to connect with yourself and figure out what you want to do! This might be harder than you think, sometimes it takes some figuring out, don't be afraid to change and adapt.

Use the tools & research proven to make daily routines work.

While there might not be one perfect daily routine, there is a lot of research on habits. We know that What we think, feel, and do everyday creates and strengthens neural pathways in our brain.

Let's be honest, there is always going to be something we don't want to do, but need to do! And we might not be able to change the fact that we need to do things like pay bills and answer emails. We can change the way we think and feel about these things. By weaving in the things that make our heart sing in with the administrative tasks that keep the wheels turning, we're more likely to have a positive attitude and feel better able to tackle the hard stuff.

John's perfect day at Beach Break Surf Camp

The first thing I do in the morning when I wake up at Beach Break Surf Camp is step outside.  Grounding my feet in the sand and breathing in the fresh air is an essential part of my morning routine, it sets the tone for my whole day.

A photo of John in his BJJ kimono


Apart from opening my eyes, and checking the waves, my mornings are pretty flexible. When I can, I let the ocean set the pace for the rest of my day. No matter what's happening in the ocean or my life, I always take the time for meditation and some stretching and mobility exercises. A morning of journaling, breathwork and an ice bath is my perfect morning.

People doing yoga in the middle of the beachfront at Beach Break Surf Camp


If the waves are pumping I can spend hours in the water, without thinking about the time, I might come back in a couple times for some healthy snacks like fresh papaya or watermelon. If it's flat, my afternoons consist of on-land training whether it be strengthening and conditioning or jiu jitsu.

Before lunch I tackle whatever emails, and administrative tasks I have on my plate that day.  I eat my first meal of the day around mid-day, and the afternoons are for teaching jiu jitsu to the local community kids and adults.  A perfect day, to me, also means doing something you feel is important and brings fulfillment into your life.

John running at sunset on the beach


After eating a complete healthy dinner before 8pm, I'll listen to or read something educational or entertaining to wind down looking at the stars. I'm typically fast asleep before 10 with the help of a Breathe Right Nose strip and a sleep mask.

Reset your daily Routine at Beach Break Surf Camp

A great way to kick your ideal daily routine into high gear is to step out of your environment. By joining a Retreat at Beach Break Surf Camp, you can work one-on-one with John and the BBSC team to create your ideal lifestyle in paradise! Learn more about BBSC group retreats here.

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