5 Reasons to Visit Panama in November and December

October 19, 2022

Looking to end the year in vacation mode?

November and December are both great months to visit Panama. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing getaway or fast-paced festivities, you can create an unforgettable vacation experience.

Here’s what Panama has to offer in the months of November and December.

Gorgeous weather and landscape

December is the official start of dry season in Panama. This holds the double-whammy benefit of clear skies and sunny days, plus a landscape that is still lush and green.

The further we get into dry season, the drier– and browner– the Panama landscape gets. Of course, Panama is beautiful at any time of the year, but December offers the best of both worlds as the landscape hasn’t begun to dry out yet.

November, too, offers beautiful weather as the rainy season starts slowing down after hitting peak rainfall in October. Many people prefer Panama in rainy season due to the lush vegetation and iconic rainstorms– in November, you’ll be sure to get both.

A man surfing towards the camera.

Great surfing

We wouldn’t be a proper surf camp if we didn’t touch on Panama surfing in November and December. Here in Playa Venao– one of Panama’s best surfing beaches– the rainy season (April-November) tends to bring the biggest swell. That means November is a great time to visit if you’re an avid surfer seeking the biggest waves.

It’s not like the ocean goes flat in December, though. It’s still a great time for surfing, as you can count on well-formed and consistent waves. December can actually be an ideal time to visit for beginner surfers, as the slower, smaller wavers provide the perfect practice playground.

Airview of Playa Venao Beach Break Surf Camp, Panama

Fewer visitors and crowds

High season in Panama runs between January and mid-April, bringing the highest number of foreign visitors. Snowbirds fleeing colder temperatures will often stay home until after the holidays, then take off in January for warmer climates.

As a result, the months of November and December tend to have less foreign visitors. Besides cutting down on the crowds, this can also translate to lower prices for flights, accommodations, and activities

There is an exception to this rule, however, and that’s during…

Independence Day  in Panama, photo of the crowd.

Lively national celebrations

Panamanians have a lot to celebrate in November and December! On top of the usual December holidays, November is also a major holiday month in Panama.

In November, Panamanians celebrate five national holidays:

  • November 3: Independence Day (from Colombia)
  • November 4: Flag Day
  • November 5: Colon Day
  • November 10: Los Santos Uprising Day
  • November 29: Independence Day (from Spain)

During this time, Panama erupts into one big party! There are festivals and parades all over the country, from small rural celebrations to massive events with thousands of people. These are national holidays, so many people are off work and ready to celebrate.

If you’re up for partying and are looking for a phenomenal cultural experience, it’s an incredible time to be in Panama. If you prefer a quiet, laid-back vacation, it’s best to wait for December when things quiet down until Christmas.

Two Jui Jitsu masters takin a photo in front of the Beach Break Surf Camp, Playa Venao, Panama

Amazing retreats

Here at Beach Break Surf Camp, we offer all-inclusive group retreats that bring people together from around the world to connect and share their passion for surfing, yoga, martial arts, fitness, and having a good time!

Group retreats are hosted by incredible individuals who are experts in their craft– be it yoga, martial arts, or meditation. Retreats happen year-round, but November and December tend to be especially active months for retreats at Beach Break.

In fact, we have two exceptional retreats coming up in 2022:

Groundswell Grappling Camp Panama: Five perfect days spent surfing, jiu jitsu training, relaxing, and sharing unforgettable moments with new friends and family.  

Rainbow Surfers and Yoga Retreat: A week of surfing, yoga, and community building for members of the LGBTQ+ community who want to unwind and make connections in a beautiful tropical setting.

Learn more about our Group Retreats, or contact us to host your own!

A girl holding a cocktail at the Beach Break Surf camp pool area.

All-Inclusive Vacation Packages

At Beach Break Surf Camp, we offer all-inclusive surf camp packages year-round. However, the end of the year is an especially good time to get a great deal!

Our packages are customizable, but at the very least include beachfront accommodations, surf lessons and board rentals, unlimited fitness classes, and even surf photography! You can also add on meals, eco adventures, and more for a truly all-inclusive experience.

Browse our surf camp packages, or contact us today to plan your November or December visit to Panama!

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