The Venao Rescue Team

June 15, 2023

The Venao Rescue team is a group of volunteers living in Playa Venao committed to helping individuals in the community who require emergency assistance.

Group photo of The Venao Rescue team is a group of volunteers living in Playa Venao committed to helping individuals in the community

The team, which continuously improves their emergency response techniques, has the support of Hatzalah, one of the largest and most efficient volunteer first response organizations worldwide.

The Venao Rescue Team has become a vital resource in the beach community. Here are some ways the team is shaping the community.

Volunteer Emergency Medical Services in Venao

Since Playa Venao is still very much a wild and raw part of Panama, there is a need for an Emergency Response team local to the area and ready to help.

The Venao Rescue Team aims to fill this void, not only by offering first responder education but also by bringing the tools needed to save lives, like an automated external defibrillator (AED).

Photo of the automated external defibrillator (AED) located in Beach Break Surf Camp in Panama

Beach Break Surf Camp is home to the area's only AED, so the camp also serves as a crisis center. The space is also used to host seminars and workshops to improve the first responder skills of The Venao Rescue Team’s volunteers. 

While volunteers have varying degrees of training and experience, they have all trained in first-aid and CPR. Volunteers also all live in the local community so they can arrive at an emergency in a short amount of time. This approach to first response has been deployed by Hatzalah organizations all over the world.

Hatzalah Volunteer Emergency Medical Services 

Hatzolah is a volunteer emergency medical service group that operates in Jewish communities across the globe. The organization's goal is to offer free medical assistance to anyone in need.

Although each branch functions independently, they all share the same name and goal of helping people in need. Sometimes referred to as Chevra Hatzalah, meaning "Company of Rescuers" or "Rescue Squad", Hatzalah, the most extensive volunteer medical group in the U.S. now has a home in Playa Venao, Panama.

Hatzalah, the most extensive volunteer medical group practicing CPR on a dummy.

In addition to providing emergency medical care, Hatzalah also offers CPR and first aid training to the public. This training helps to ensure that people are better prepared to handle emergencies when they occur. In Playa Venao, this training takes place at Beach Break Surf Camp.

Venao Rescue Team Training Center

The space for first-responder training has been donated by Beach Break. Beach Break is well versed in hosting seminars and has a space perfect for sharing and learning, and provided a natural fit for the Venao Rescue Team.

Aerial view of Beach Break Surf Camp in Panama

Volunteers have been attending training seminars and learning first-response skills in Playa Venao at Beach Break and the rescue team has already started to play a critical role in the community.

With the goal of keeping the Playa Venao community safe and prepared in the case of an emergency, the team strives to continue learning and training.

With Beach Break Surf Camp as the team's home base for training the space has also become a central location for first responders.

The access to an AED and extensive first aid supplies Beach Break Surf Camp continues to help create a solid framework for the emergency response team.

This is a significant development for the local community and will play a crucial role in saving lives in emergency situations.

The Rescue Team is shaping the Venao community

Community initiatives like the Playa Venao Rescue Team are a testament to the area's continued growth in a direction toward community safety and involvement.

The Venao Rescue team is made up of individuals who have a passion for helping others and want to make a difference in their community.

The Venao Rescue team performing CPR on a dummy in front of the class

Each individual on the team is working towards a shared vision of a beach community that can provide fast and quality urgent medical care in times of need.

The Venao rescue team is made up of people from a variety of backgrounds and may have different levels of training and experience. What brings them together is their commitment to helping others.

Beach Break Surf Camp is grateful to be a small part of the effort, and is proud to employ instructors and staff who continue to enhance their first aid abilities.

Host a Safety Retreat at Beach Break Surf Camp

Here at Beach Break we are dedicated to our community and yours. It is our goal to  help find solutions, so you can focus on your team’s growth and development.

A nighttime aerial view of Beach Break Surf Camp in Panama

Our staff and Instructors have extensive experience hosting group retreats, and our facilities were made for it! 

If you are looking to host an educational and unique experience contact us to learn more about hosting a Retreat at Beach Break Surf Camp.

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