7 Reasons to Take a Group Fitness Retreat at our Panama Surf Camp

April 28, 2021

If you’re the active type, you can probably get into the idea of a group fitness retreat. 

Whether you’re part of an organized team or just have a few workout buddies (who double as drinking buddies), a group fitness retreat is a great way to balance fun and relaxation with activity and excitement.

Here are 7 reasons to take a group fitness retreat at our Panama surf camp. 

1. You deserve it. 

Let’s get emotional for a minute. It’s been a rough year. Navigating social isolation, staying inside, not traveling, seeing friends and family less. 

As we slowly emerge from the strange reality of pandemic life, you may be feeling ready to get back out there and have fun again. And hey, you deserve it. 
You deserve: 

  • Waking up just footsteps from the beach
  • Feeling the sun and salt on your skin
  • That feeling of elation when you catch your first wave 
  • Eating fresh, locally grown foods 
  • Being around the people you love

Who wouldn’t want all these things? It’s the kind of vibes you can look forward to at your group fitness retreat in Panama.

2. Playa Venao, Panama is a great destination for 2021. 

Let’s be real– the world is starting to get back to normal, but travel can still be weird. Which countries are safe to visit? Which are open to tourists? What are the rules and how are they enforced?

We may be biased, but we believe our location in Playa Venao, Panama is an ideal destination– particularly in 2021. 

  • Panama is open to tourists from many countries, including the U.S., Canada, and many countries in Europe. 
  • Tocumen International Airport in Panama is the largest airport in Latin America, with hundreds of direct flights every day. 
  • Playa Venao, Panama is a secluded beach community ~5 hours from the city where practically all activities and restaurants are outside. 
  • Neither Panama nor Playa Venao get the same level of crazy crowds you find in other popular Central American destinations. 

As for Beach Break Surf Camp, we follow all CDC-recommended guidelines, including rigorous cleaning standards and employee mask requirements. 

We bring you directly from the airport to our safe and beautiful little paradise. There’s nowhere better to be. 

Learn more about how to travel safely to Beach Break Surf Camp in 2021. 

3. Surfing is fun (duh) and Playa Venao is the best place to learn.

Who hasn’t dreamed of learning to surf one day? Not only is it a fierce full-body workout, it’s a heck of a lot of fun. It can also be really hard. If your group doesn’t have much experience surfing, you’ll want a spot that’s beginner-friendly. 

Learn more about our surf camp

Playa Venao, Panama is one of the best surfing beaches for beginners, as well as more seasoned athletes. With a soft, sandy bottom and breaks for all levels, you’ll find complete beginners and hardened pros out there catching waves pretty much year-round. 

Surfing can be the main focus of your group fitness retreat in Panama, or it can be part of a well-rounded menu of other fitness activities. Beach Break Surf Camp may be an amazing surf camp, but we also have… 

4. A full fitness center, weekly class schedule, and martial arts training

You might call Beach Break a “multi-disciplined” surf camp. Created by lifelong surfers and managed by a husband-wife-baby team of Jiu Jitsu instructors (okay, not the baby– yet), Beach Break offers a unique and diverse range of fitness offerings. 

It only made sense to construct a state-of-the-art, multi-use fitness center, just footsteps from the beach and where your surfboard is sitting out to dry. 

Beach Break offers a full weekly class schedule of yoga, strength training, jiu jitsu, kickboxing, and more. Your instructors are kind and knowledgeable experts from around the world.

Your group fitness retreat can follow a structured calendar of activities, or take a relaxed approach and decide as you go. With classes (and waves) nearly every day, there is always a fun way to get sweaty by the sea. 

5. You’ve got healthy food options. 

We all know the feeling of going on vacation and forgetting the last time you ate a vegetable. While indulging is a fun and practically-required part of vacation, it can feel just as good (or even better) to fuel your body with healthy whole foods. 

At Beach Break and at our neighboring beach restaurants, you’ll find a variety of healthy options along with classic beach foods (hello, burgers and motz sticks).

Pizza Gavilan, our restaurant at Beach Break, offers a full menu of both healthy foods and indulgent favorites. Obviously, great pizza, but also salads, pastas, and a great daily breakfast that fuels you for an active day. 

Playa Venao is home to an emerging foodie scene with a variety of choices within walking distance. From $3 tacos to authentic Italian, Israeli, and Panamanian dishes, you’ll have your choice of healthy and indulgent options (yes, even for our vegetarian and vegan friends!) 

6. Vibes are immaculate. 

It’s hard to put something as abstract as vibes into words, but rest assured, Beach Break and Playa Venao both pass the vibe check. (You don’t have to take it from us– check out our reviews on Tripadvisor!)

Compared to other popular beach destinations, Playa Venao is relatively uncrowded and low-key. People are friendly and laid-back. It’s not touristy. No one will try to sell you timeshare.

Playa Venao is home to a diverse blend of people from around the world. Kind locals. Young expats. Adventurous families. Digital nomad types. You’ll hear 3 different languages on any given day, and you might even pick up a few words. 

The region is gorgeous. The weather is perfect. The people are great. What can we say– Playa Venao is a pretty awesome place

7. We’ve got awesome group fitness packages.

Whether you’ve got an organized group and schedule in mind or you want to plan a casual trip with friends or family, we’re here to help you plan your perfect group fitness retreat in Panama. 

We can create a custom group fitness package just for your group. Packages can include:

  • Group surf lessons 
  • Private surf, yoga, and martial arts instruction 
  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner 
  • Surf and group photography
  • Add-ons such as ziplining, SUP tours, horseback riding, deep sea fishing, massages and facials, waterfall hikes, wildlife experience

Contact us today to assemble your ideal package! We can’t wait to host your group fitness retreat in Panama.

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