Life is Recess - Family Adventure Retreat

FEBRUARY 17-24, 2024
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If you’re a family who needs a break from the rise + grind culture of modern life and the demands of day-to-day, then join us for this family adventure retreat to deepen your connection to each other and yourself. Picture this...

You wake up as the light peeks through your curtains, rising with the sun - the way your body is meant to. Your family is still asleep - they needed rest after a day of play and adventure. You walk barefoot across the grass, past the swimming pool, to the restaurant where hot coffee is waiting for you on the bar.  A few minutes later, you hear your kids running across the sand to greet you. You share your first hug of the morning and sit on the bench and watch the tide roll in and out. As you all draw in the sand with sticks you feel a deep sense of connection to your kids and gratitude washes over you.

Your partner heads out for their first surf lesson of the day with 4 of the other parents, so you and your kiddos grab breakfast together - you share the blueberry pancakes, fresh fruit smoothie and fruit bowl full of local fruits. After breakfast is meditation and yoga. You did the same class solo yesterday so you invite your kids to join you. You walk leisurely over to the studio where the instructor guides you through a series of asanas that make you all feel strong and energized.

Later today, your kids have surf lessons with 5 of their new friends, you’ll all participate in a “Creating Family Core Values” Workshop, and tonight is Parents’ Night Out! You’re going to try the Mediterranean restaurant with your partner while your kids play games, have a pizza party and watch a movie under the stars. You’re excited for a chance to connect with your partner and explore this new place, knowing that your kids are in good hands and they’re creating their own core memories!

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Beach Break Surf Camp, Playa Venao, Panama
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Full daily surf camp package included
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8 days
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Limited Space Available!
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There are two (2) options to come and enjoy Ricardo’s very valuable course of Apnea and Surf Survival.
1. Surf & Stay (July 21 – 28)

Spend an entire week getting to know Ricardo here at Beach Break Surf Camp. Daily surfing right out our front door at one of Panama’s most renown and consistent beach breaks, plus 2 day trips to other local breaks.

What's included:


*all inclusive package available at $125 per person for the week at Beach Break.


per person

5 nights option:

6 nights option:

Single room
2-person room
Shared room, 3 or more

7 nights option:

Single room
2-person room
Shared room, 3 or more

Add-on Non Surfer/ BJJ Guest: $470 per person
(all taxes and fees included)

(all taxes and fees included)

Add-on Non Surfer/ BJJ Guest: $640 per person
(all taxes and fees included)

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A woman surfing and smilingA beach side view from the accommodation in beach break surf campA bird's eye view of the waves and surfers riding the oceanA jiu jitsu class in action with two women sparringA man holding a woman on his shoudlers with the sunset in the backgroundA yoga class in action with couple holding their partner in the airA man holding his partner in a yoga posa stretching her spineTwo surfer students and their instructor posing for the camera with their surfboardsA pool side view of the beach break surf camp
2. Apnea & Survival Course Only (July 23 - 24)

Your Retreat Teachers

We’re Alicia, Kris, Lennox (6) and Ellis (4). In 2022, we sold our home in Seattle and all our things and quit our corporate jobs to pursue a life of travel and family connection.

We’ve traveled through Central America for the past year and we’ve fallen in love with Panama (we know you will too!)

Our hearts beat for meaningful connection with people from all over the world, watching our kids (and ourselves!) grow and learn as they take on new life experiences, and having a much fun as possible!

We have curated an incredible week based on our favorite memories as a family and we can’t wait to share them with you!

Retreat teacher #1
Retreat teacher #2
Retreat teacher #1


price per person

5 nights option:

Single room
2-person room
Shared room, 3 or more

Spaces are limited!

(all taxes and fees included)

Have some questions? Here’s our FAQ

What is your cancellation policy?

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Your deposit is non-refundable. Your deposit is transferable to another person for the same retreat subject to approval. We reserve the right to cancel the trip if it does not meet minimum registration. It is highly unlikely this will happen, but if it does, your payment is refunded in full. We reserve the right to determine if you are a good fit for this trip (if not, your deposit will be refunded in full). Reservations made after December 16th, 2023 must be paid in full.

What about passport & covid entry requirements?

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You must have a valid passport to travel to Panama. Please check your passport expiration date and make sure it is valid for at least 3 months after the end date of your retreat. Currently, there are no COVID testing or vaccination requirements to enter Beach Break Surf Camp or Panama. See more detailed info here: We will keep you posted if this changes prior to your retreat. However, registrants are personally responsible for complying to local laws, at their own expense.

Do we need to have travel insurance?

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The purchase of travel insurance is required for this trip.You are free to select your own policy provider. We have a relationship with Kayleigh at We Shell Travel. You can contact Kayleigh at for a quote and are not obligated to use Kayleigh's services, but will be required to provide proof of insurance before our retreat. Most policies protect you against potential trip delays or cancellations due to airline issues, family emergencies, illness, injury, etc. The travel insurance will also demonstrate to the host country that you are able to pay for any emergency services which may be necessary during your stay. We strongly encourage you to speak with a travel insurance agent to discuss your specific coverage needs, and to clear up any questions you may have relative to travel insurance coverage, including questions about COVID-19. Please make sure you purchase a plan that includes coverage for COVID-19 related trip cancellations and trip interruptions as not all do.

Who is this retreat for?

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Life Is Recess was designed for families with kids ages 4-12. Kids older and younger than that can DEFINITELY join and will DEFINITELY have a blast too! Additionally, we are eager to welcome grandparents/grandkids, aunts/uncles/nieces/nephews, any family make ups!

Is Panama safe to bring my family?

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We have traveled independently with our 3 + 6 year olds through Panama (City + rural areas) for months and have felt safe everywhere we went. Alicia will be in Panama City when you arrive and will be with the group the entire time!

What do I do when I arrive in Panama?

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Don’t worry - we’ve got you taken care of! When you arrive at Tocumen Int'l Airport, once you go through Immigration and Customs, a driver will be waiting for you with your name on a sign to take you to The Executive Hotel (~30 minutes). Once you arrive at The Executive, you can check into your hotel room, get settled and if the timing works, join the group for dinner at a nearby restaurant.

How will we get from Panama city to Playa Venao?

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Again, we’ve got you covered! We've arranged for a coach bus to take our group from Panama City to Beach Break Surf Camp. The ride is 5 hours from city-to-sea, but it's worth it! We will stop 2x for bathroom/snack breaks along the way. The same coach bus will take the group back to The Executive Hotel after the retreat.

Can you accommodate dietary restrictions and allergies?

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You bet we can! Gluten free/dairy free. Vegan, Vegetarian, Grain free. Just let us know. We’ve got you covered. If you or your family have allergies, please make sure you let us know!

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